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About my career [so far] 

My obsession with makeup started as a young girl, I was constantly sneaking into my mom's makeup stash and can remember to this day her Revlon eye pencil and Maybelline mascara in the pink and green tube. I loved art as a kid -- drawing, painting, anything I could do to be this job lets me express that while I'm making people feel beautiful, I couldn’t ask for more!

I've been in the beauty industry for half of my life which is so crazy because I still have such a growing passion for it. I've been blessed to work on live TV, commercials, magazine shoots, fashion shows, music videos and just about everything else. In addition to that, I've done hundreds of weddings over the years, which is truly an honor and something I will always love to do! The best part of my job is making people happy and getting to know the people who sit in my chair…I can honestly say, I love my job!

After gaining several years of experience working behind the counter in department stores and upscale spas/salons, I fulfilled a life-long dream by opening my own makeup studio, Pittsburgh Makeup.  Pittsburgh Makeup is a licensed Esthetician Studio in Greensburg, PA. There, I’m able to meet up with my brides as well as teach classes including makeup lessons for women of all ages and Makeup Artist workshops. If I'm not at the studio, I’m most likely spending time with my family, going on a mini-trip with my hubby, baking something yummy in the kitchen, playing with my dog Stewie or spending time at a local coffee shop!

Xx, Julie


You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have."

-- Maya Angelou