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{Gift Certificates are available for any makeup lesson and make a unique and beautiful gift}

Individual Master Class

Let's get down to business.  No stone will be left un-turned in this two hour class and it's designed around your specific beauty needs. We'll start with a thorough consultation to pinpoint what your expectations are with your makeup as well as your skincare routine. Next we'll take a look through your own makeup bag to see what your currently working with and make some suggestions about what to keep and possibly get rid of! We love starting this class with what tools you will need to create a nice classic everyday look, since tools are truly an essential part of a flawless look.  This first look we do will be something you are able to do in 10-15 minutes for a fresh look.  Then you'll learn how you can bump this look up for an evening out, we can even try false lashes if you want! When we're done with the lesson, a complete face-chart and clear instructions will be given to you to help you duplicate the look, along with a detailed list of products that were used in your class. As with all of our lessons and clients, we are always free after the class through a quick email or call when you feel like you have any questions and absolutely love hearing the progress you are making with your new products and skills!

Cost: $175 ... {2 hours} With any $50 or more purchase of skincare or makeup at the studio the class is lowered to $125. Must be purchased day of the class or full price applies. {If purchasing a gift-card, full amount is charged at the time of purchase and a credit of $50 will be given towards makeup items at the time of the lesson}.

****Please note, for any class or appointment of 2 hours or more, a deposit may be required to hold the the slot since it's a larger duration of time being booked. Thank you!

Individual Makeup Lesson

This lesson is designed for someone who extra guidance with their daily makeup routine but already has an understanding of the basics.  As always each lesson is specifically customized just for you and your daily makeup and skincare needs.  First we'll go over basic skin care fundamentals and how to create the perfect canvas for makeup application. Next, a step by step makeup application will be demonstrated in detail from start to finish.  As with all lessons, this is your time and we can address anything you want to learn!  You'll leave the studio with a new perspective on makeup and a face-chart to help you create the look at home!

Some topics that are typically included but not limited to: how to pick out the correct concealer/foundation shade, which tones compliment you best, creating a quick 5 minute face, different techniques that will bring out your natural features and how to achieve a natural, polished day look within minutes and quickly transform that into an evening look. 

Cost: $100 ... {1 hour} With any $25 or more purchase of skincare or makeup at the studio the lesson is lowered to $75. Must be purchased day of the lesson or full price applies. {If purchasing a gift-card, full amount is charged at the time of purchase and a credit of $25 will be given towards makeup items at the time of the lesson}.

"Eyeconic" Makeup Lesson

This class strictly focuses on the area we LOVE to accentuate on the face best -- the eyes! We'll take the guess work out of what brushes to use, what colors look best on you and how to effectively apply eye-shadow for your specific eye shape. First you'll learn how to master the 5-10 minute day-time eye and then be shown how to easily transition this into an evening look with just a few key products. You'll also receive an eye chart which will help when going to re-create the look at home.  Please note: this lesson is for eyes only. if needing more guidance with foundations, lip-shades, etc, the one hour Individual Lesson may be a better fit.

Cost: $75 {1 hour total duration ... 45 minutes of one-on-one guidance with time to go over product recommendations at the end} NOVEMBER SPECIAL -- receive a free gift with this class. Dates and times limited for November 11th & 18th.

Junior Makeup Lesson

An age appropriate lesson for the girl 16 and under who is just starting to wear makeup and learn about skincare.  She'll learn how to naturally accentuate her already beautiful features as well as take away some great skin-care tips.

Cost: $60 [up to 1 hour]

Group Makeup Lesson Party

Have a couple friends interested in a makeup lesson as well? A makeup lesson party is a great reason to get a group of friends together for a fun afternoon at the studio to play with makeup..who doesn't love to do that? Your group of 3 or more is considered a party and offered at a discounted rate of $75 a person.  Done at Pittsburgh Makeup Studio only at this time. To allow for individual attention, we like to keep the groups small and intimate when possible with no more than 4 people. This will be a "class" setting with a hands-on approach with one person from your party being designated as the model. Class time is determined by the amount of people attending and must be arranged at the time of booking.


Pop in Makeup Consultations

The studio carries some great product lines including Beauty for Real, Limelight, Youngblood and our own studio brand that is Makeup Artist approved and used daily in our professional kits! We offer makeup and skincare consultations if you just want to pop in and try out a specific product or two and don't really need a complete lesson. Looking for a new foundation or have you been wanting to see how you look in a winged gel-eyeliner? Simply email us for availability and we will fit you in the schedule for a product consult. Free with any $25 purchase made in the studio that day.


Makeup Artist Workshops for Salons or Individuals

Julie has worked with several individuals as well as salons and would love the opportunity to work with you!  Whether you want to learn some additional skills after obtaining your license in beauty school, or already have a few years experience but want to improve your techniques, help is here! Individual or small group workshops are available whether you want to sharpen your own bridal makeup technique, need some pointers with airbrushing or covering a tattoo, or just need to start at the basics, Pittsburgh Makeup is excited to work with you and can offer you 20+ years of experience. This is your time to explore and expand your artistry to the next level. The exciting thing about this field is there is always opportunity to grow and learn from one another! Please visit our Makeup Artist Workshops Page for additional info and rates and don't hesitate to email us any questions! All lessons and workshops are held at our Greensburg studio unless inquiring about an in-salon visit.